Windows: Copy only files recursively from a folder containing sub folders

What this post is all about?
This post is basically to serve a way to copy all or some files at once from a folder containing one or multiple sub-folders.

Which OS are supported?
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

What is the situation, by the way? Can we have an example ?
Let’s create two folders named Folder1 and Folder2 on desktop. Then copy some files in to Folder1. Create few sub-folders inside this folder and again copy few files to each of the sub-folders. Now what we may want to do are:

  • Copy all the files from Folder1 and its sub-folders to Folder2
  • Copy specific types of files from Folder1 and its sub-folders to Folder2

Is there any solution to this requirement?
Yes ! 🙂

Is it a simple one?
Yes ! Very much. Indeed, You know this already 😛 .It’s just a simple trick to what you already know.

Then you are waiting for what? Show me !
Okay. I have few pdf files in each level of the folder hierarchy in Folder1 as shown the fig. below .
a1     a2   a3

Now I want all these pdf files to be copied to a4Folder2 at once. Here is the trick then: open Folder1 and search for *.*

Select all files (by pressing CTRL+A) and exclude all the sub-folders, copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) on Folder2 . This solves our first purpose.

For the second purpose, you only need to change the search pattern to *.<file extension> instead of *.* .For Example- *.pdf . This will list only the pdf files automatically excluding the sub-folders.

Hopefully you liked reading this little post. I really welcome all kind of feedbacks and suggestions.

Thanks for reading !

Windows 8/8.1: Bring back IE 10/11 to Metro Style mode


After using Windows 8.1 preview for few days I noticed that my Internet Explorer is not opening in metro style mode even though I am clicking on the tile placed on my start screen which was behaving normal, just before few days. If you are facing the same problem then this post will be really helpful to you.Although I mentioned about Windows 8.1 which means I have IE 11 on my PC but, this works also for IE 10 on Windows 8 PCs.

First of all this is not a bug or issue, in fact this is its normal behavior. Now, you may ask why is this happening? OK, answer is quite simple but confusing. Setting a browser as default other than Internet Explorer led to this situation. Now this statement made half of the answer to question “How to bring back IE 10/11 to metro style mode ?” Let’s see detailed steps to do this.
Open Internet Explorer and click on menu ‘Tools’ (if you are unable to view the menu bar, press ‘Alt’ key from your keyboard or you can use shortcut ‘Alt+T’ ) and then click ”Internet Options’. A window pops out with different tabs.


Go to ‘Programs’ tab. Click on ‘Make Internet Explorer the default browser’ as shown in the figure.

Step-3: ie104You’ll be presented with ‘Set Default Programs’ window containing list of programs installed on your PC. Choose ‘Internet Explorer’ from the list and click on ‘Set this program as default’. Finally click ‘OK’.

That’s it !

Thanks for reading.

Update (24 July 2013): Corrected incorrect information that was present in the post. I deeply regret for the same.