Javascript: Function to get current fiscal year

This can be useful when you need to print current session year or, current fiscal/financial year somewhere in your page and specifically when you do not want to invoke a server method for it.

Defining Function

<script language="javascript">
 function getCurrentFiscalYear() {
    //get current date
    var today = new Date();
    //get current month
    var curMonth = today.getMonth();
    var fiscalYr = "";
    if (curMonth > 3) { //
        var nextYr1 = (today.getFullYear() + 1).toString();
        fiscalYr = today.getFullYear().toString() + "-" + nextYr1.charAt(2) + nextYr1.charAt(3);
    } else {
        var nextYr2 = today.getFullYear().toString();
        fiscalYr = (today.getFullYear() - 1).toString() + "-" + nextYr2.charAt(2) + nextYr2.charAt(3);

Calling Function

<script language="javascript">getCurSession()</script>


  • I have made the function as per Indian fiscal year. You can change it according to your country. You only need to modify the conditional statement i.e, if (curMonth > 3) where April(3) is the starting month of fiscal year.
  • getMonth() returns number of the month in a date value starting from 0 to 11
  • You can change this function to return the session year which can be input for another logic/function. Accordingly you have to change the function.