Bookmark in Visual Studio

While developing application using Visual Studio, sometimes we need to navigate between different lines of code. If the page contains several lines(lets say 1000 or more) then it becomes very time consuming work to navigate between different sections. For instance, when developing web application using ASP.Net if somebody wants to put Javascript validation for the controls already used in the page, then he/she has to move the cursor from the Javascript function to the line where the control is declared to get the Control Id. In this case we can use Bookmark provided by Visual Studio IDE.

The very simple syntax to use Bookmark can be –
(i) move your cursor to the line where you want to put the Bookmark and then press key combination “Ctrl+K” twice. Now you can see a rounded-cornered square mark on its extreme left, which is nothing but the bookmark.
(ii) to remove a bookmark follow the same procedure as above.
(iii)to navigate to the next Bookmark press key combinations “Ctrl+K”,”Ctrl+N”
(iv) to navigate to the previous Bookmark press key combinations “Ctrl+K”,”Ctrl+P”

One can use it smartly to improve his/her coding speed using Visual Studio IDE.

For detail information you can read it here by Abhijit Jana, who is one of my favorite blogger on .Net Technology.

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