MS Excel: Copy as formatted table

In this quick tips, we’ll check how can we paste a specific portion of the excel sheet as formatted table, in particular to email. Microsoft Excel is a widely used tool for spreadsheet and used for storing useful data meant for calculation, chart etc.

Now, sometimes you may need to copy a particular portion of the excel sheet to the email so that the receivers can view it in tabular form and get the intended message. If you select a portion from the excel sheet and paste as it is in the composer window of email, it will not serve the desired purpose. So, in this small tip, we’ll try explore those possibilities via which we can keep the tabular format intact while paste a portion from an excel sheet to your email compose window.

Before we deep dive into the possibilities, let’s quickly have a view of how it looks when we directly copy a portion of an excel sheet to email ( gmail in example but follows the same rule for other email service providers too) –


Image 1 is screenshot of what I have created in the excel sheet while image 2 shows the email window and how it looks when we paste the copied portion from that excel sheet. It’s clear that we need a better approach to get this particular job done in an efficient way to keep the formatting intact. For that we may follow either of the following  2 options from many.

Option 1:

This is the simplest way possible. You can take a screenshot or make use of any clipping tool to generate an image and paste that in the email. You can even do that right from within the MS Excel sheet. To do that,

  • Select the portion you want to be copied
  • Copy (CTRL + C)
  • Right click on the selected portion
  • Go to “Paste Special…”
  • Click on paste as “Picture”
  • Copy (CTRL + C)


3Now, if you paste this on your compose box, you will get a beautiful view and visually same as what you wanted. Something like the image on the right side. Have you noticed the big caret at the end? It’s because it’s just an image and obviously, you will not be able to edit /select any particular text in the table.


Option 2:

The problem with the above option is, it is not search friendly. If you use email regularly for various purposes then you might already have realized the importance of being able to search your old emails based on keywords from the email body. With the first approach it is impossible to search a particular word or text from the table as it is just an image. So you may like this approach than the previous one as it copies the selected portion of the excel sheet as a formatted table. So, you can make use of the search functionalities as per your need.

To do this,

  • Select the required portion from the excel sheet
  • Click on the “Quick Analysis” icon or press CTRL + Q
  • Click on “Tables” tab
  • Click “Table”
  • Do the necessary table formatting
  • Copy (CTRL + C)


You’ll get the same result while pasting this on your email compose box but as said, texts within this table will now be included in the search result.

Hopefully, this small tips will be useful to you.
Please drop a comment in case of any queries or suggestions 🙂