Visual Studio 2013 Preview: New Features (Part-I)

vs5Update:This is just the very basic information about CodeLens. If you want to know more, there is very good article describing it to depth is now available at MSDN( . Believe me, CodeLens has much more usability than this small blog post and you will definitely love it.
The availability of Visual Studio 2013 preview was announced 1 day ago and one can download it from . After using it for few hours I have noticed, there are many new features (both UI and functionality) included in this preview version.
Note: Please note that I do not guarantee about the actual usage and behaviors of these features.



Now, I don’t need to remember the no of reference count of any class, method, property, constructor etc. If you look at the above figure, there is a clear indication (1) above Class1 that it is being referenced in 2 places. Now, clicking on (1) 2 references pops out a detailed box describing the references, whether it is in the same file (2) or some other file (3) . We can also find a more detailed view (4) on mouse hover over the description to find details like file name, line no, column no & code snippet containing the reference.

I will love to hear from you, if you have any other opinion or in case you want point out some mistake in this post.


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